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Used Weaver Curriculum

Buy or Sell Used Weaver Curriculum Here!

A used Weaver Curriculum is a popular choice for a Bible-based unit-studyhomeschool curriculum. It takes a particular topic and then addresses it across the following homeschool subject areas:

  • Art
  • Bible
  • Geography and History
  • Language Arts
  • Health
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Age-appropriate lesson material is provided across grade levels PreK - 12th for each subject, so family members of different grade levels can participate in the same subjects. According to their website, lessons include experiments, maps, murals, timelines, models, field trips, etc. It is organized by volumes and supplemental volumes, with each volume covering all the subjects and grade levels for an entire year.

What is Reusable and What Needs to be Bought?

According to customer service at Alpha Omega Publications, all of a used Weaver curriculum is reusable for its grade level. Only the supplies for projects need to be obtained, and those not from Alpha Omega.

Buy or Sell Used Weaver Curriculum Here!

For more information or Weaver materials not available on this site, see the Weaversection of the Alpha Omega Publications website.

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