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Used Curriculum Information

This page provides links to information on various homeschool curricula, focusing on what parts of used curricula need replaced and what parts are reusable. Curricula often consist of teacher manuals and student workbooks. Depending on the curriculum, there may also be additional supplies involved.

The teacher manuals are typically reusable. However, student workbooks typically need to be replaced if they have been written in. Supplies may need to be supplimented or replaced depending on what was used. If you can't buy all the materials you need used for a particular curriculum, you may be able to get the remaining materials you need new from the publisher or vendor. Note, however, if the curricula was not published within the last year or so, the publisher may not carry the version of the student workbooks you need to match up with your used teacher manual. The same goes for supplies. The publisher or vendor may change the contents of their supply kits over time, and not necessarily keep a record of what was needed for an older version.

The best case when buying older curricula is if the seller has both teacher and student manuals available. If not, you should check with the publisher to see if they still carry any needed manuals or supplies. Be sure to check out the field called "Materials Still Required Elsewhere (if applicable)" in our classified listings.


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